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“Welcome to a Physical Therapy Clinic in Santa Maria/Orcutt Perfect for People Who Prefer Natural, Holistic, Specialist Solutions to Ease Pain and Stiffness, So They Can Keep Active & Enjoy Their Health for Many Years to Come…”

Who we help

Health Conscious Men and Women:

Who want to LOOK and FEEL healthier and younger, NATURALLY, so they can take their body where THEY want it to go, and have energy for time with friends AND family, work AND play!

Adults Who Don’t Want to Take Pain Pills:

…to manage their pain because they are afraid of becoming addicted, who feel there is a better and healthier way to feel good in their bodies, and who prefer a natural solution for their pain.

Confused Health Consumers:

Who just want to understand what the problem is and possible solutions BEFORE they have to pay for it.

People Worried about Surgery:

But who really want to avoid surgery – and are looking for solutions to prevent their problem from becoming PERMANENT.

Discerning Adults Who Value Themselves:

Who don’t want to be treated like a number… but like a respected, welcomed guest – with concern for your well being.

Concerned People with Pain but No Injury:

Who can’t see any obvious reason why it happened – but it doesn’t seem to be getting better!…

Educated Healthcare Consumers

Who are looking for an approach to wellness and recovery that recognizes the person as a whole.

Self-motivated Individuals:

Who are eager to learn what they can do to help themselves.

Always “On-the-Go” Men and Women:

Who feel they can take the pain, but WORRY it will limit MORE their ability to provide for their family AND still play.


A well-established and trusted local business for the community of Orcutt/Santa Maria since 2003.


EACH of our physical therapists has over 20 years of experience. During all these years, we’ve pretty much seen and successfully treated it all. We are experts in our field and passionate about focusing on and helping you.


With male and female PT’s, each with unique but complimentary expertise to help you, there is someone here who knows how to treat what you’re dealing with in just the right way.


The people who come to see us know that we give them our complete, undivided attention. This human connection goes a long way toward healing faster and in a more enjoyable way. Check out our testimonials to hear their voices.



  • Jordan Larson, PT
    Jordan Larson, PT Co-founder

    Jordan has been helping clients heal in Orcutt since 2001. Previously, he treated “the stars” of Hollywood, Olympians, UCLA athletes and professional athletes in Santa Monica, CA. If he’s not in the clinic, he’s either with his family or out on his stand-up paddleboard surfing the waves of Shell Beach.

  • Rachael Pharr Larson, PT​​
      Rachael Pharr Larson, PT​​ Co-founder

      Rachael is an intuitive healer and a leader in the application of mind-body integration into the field of physical therapy. She has a gift of knowing what is the root cause of injury and has both western, biomechanical expertise and holistic techniques to facilitate deep healing. She and Jordan have been helping people heal since 1995.

    Meet the team of Active Physical Therapy!

    • Nicole Johnson, PTA
        Nicole Johnson, PTA Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

        As an experienced outpatient orthopedic Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Nicole has a wealth of skills and the know-how to help you heal with a smile, encouragement and compassion. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico where she developed a passion for dance and performing arts. She also excelled at sports, particularly water polo, and played for Puerto Rico’s national team before moving to Georgia during her senior year, where she met and married her husband. They’ve been married for 17 years and have a beautiful child who also loves music. She discovered physical therapy as a patient, and quickly decided that it was a perfect fit for her.

        “I am consistently amazed at how resilient people are and I love to help people and watch them progress toward being able to live a full and fulfilling life free from pain.”

      • CaSandra Hamilton, PTA, CPT
          CaSandra Hamilton, PTA, CPT Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Personal Trainer

          CaSandra is not only an experienced Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, but she’s also a Personal Trainer to boot!

          CaSandra is down to earth, explains exercises and concepts in a very easy to understand manner, is an amazing listener, and is developing quite the rep with our patients who are having mobility problems – she comes up with effective exercises for balance and strengthening like no other!

          In CaSandra’s own words:
          “I have appreciated physical health and been an avid exerciser since childhood sports which now has led me to being a Physical Therapist Assistant for 8 years and recently certified as a NASM personal trainer!
          I aim to keep life more simplified and meaningful including when helping others feel better and move with greater confidence!”
        • Andrew Willhiem, MPT
            Andrew Willhiem, MPT Licensed Physical Therapist

            Our holistic team of talented therapists just got more talented!

            Andrew brings to the Active PT team deep skill and experience as a manual therapist, with a one-year training at the prestigious Maitland center in the Bay Area.

            Andrew is an amazing listener and grounded practitioner, giving you just the right amount of understanding and proactive skilled treatment.

          • Vicki Libis
              Vicki Libis Client Support Awesomeness

              Vicki is our Front Desk Coordinator Extraordinaire – she’s here to welcome you and help you through the process of getting information about how we can serve you best. Vicki joined us first as a patient, so she knows what a lot of you have been through, and knows the steps to recovery here at Active PT herself! Vicki is the authentic and real voice you’ll hear on the phone when you call us, and she’ll help you all the way through your time with us, both on the phone and in the office.

            • Mary Gallahger, PT
                Mary Gallahger, PT Licensed Physical Therapist

                Mary is a dedicated healer with decades of experience in all areas of physical therapy. She uses an expert combination of gentle manual techniques, exercises, postural education, holistic  approaches and calming modalities to help her patients recover. She has a special gift for helping people feel comfortable and welcomed during their care.

              • Jordan Larson, PT
                Jordan Larson, PT Co-founder

                Jordan has been helping clients heal in Orcutt since 2001. Previously, he treated “the stars” of Hollywood, Olympians, UCLA athletes and professional athletes in Santa Monica, CA. If he’s not in the clinic, he’s either with his family or out on his stand-up paddleboard surfing the waves of Shell Beach.

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