3 Stretches to Undo “Lounge Butt”!

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… if you’ve been sitting too much lately.

Stuck on your couch? Here are 3 stretches to do to unwind, what we call in our family, too much time in “lounge butt” mode!

Too many people are stuck at home right now, sitting more than they probably should.

We know we should stand up every 30 minutes, but come on, “The Tiger King” must be watched in it’s entirety!

We are concerned that people are going to start having or worsen already tight backs and necks and we want to help prevent that! These are unprecedented times, and stress is at an all time high.

So it’s up to each of us to do our best self care, both to ease the physical stress of things like sitting too long, but also to move our bodies to release endorphins and use our breathing and mindfulness to ease our internal stress levels too.

This is a video (see bottom of post) from our experience as a physical therapy office in Santa Maria over the past 18 years, and in it we show you 3 Stretches to do if you’ve been sitting too long, sheltering in place!

Watch the video below to learn these 3 anti-slumping stretches:

  1. Hip flexor stretch
  2. Hamstring stretch
  3. Towel roll stretch

When you do these, breathe and relax into the stretch, feeling a mild stretch and being patient enough to feel the stretch release – holding each stretch for 30 seconds, do 3 reps per side, as appropriate.

As with all new movements, start easy and stop if there’s any pain or doesn’t feel right to you. To be most effective, it is best to have someone trained in physical therapy guide your individual body through these motions.

But during this challenging time of the Coronavirus pandemic, we feel the need to help people any way we can, and these are gentle enough, if used with basic common sense, to help just about anyone undo the imbalance of prolonged sitting.

Give em a try and enjoy!

If you’re interested in a personalized Physical Therapy Video Visit during this quarantine time, we are offering a free 20-30 minute “Taster” Video session – so you can discover for yourself how the technology works, get a quick assessment of what’s going wrong with your body and whether a Video Visit is the right thing for you.

To inquire about your free Video Visit and also about cost and availability, just click here for a free “Discovery Visit” and mention “Video Visit” or  call our office at (805) 934-0663.

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