6 Things You Didn’t Know About Acupuncture That You Probably Need During Covid-19

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…A video interview with Herb Kandel, Founder of Acupuncture Center of Santa Maria.

Stress? Anxiety? Musculoskeletal pain?… During these strange Covid-19 times, if you or someone you know are  dealing with some stress, anxiety, body pain and even insomnia or addiction issues, you are not alone. 

To help in some small way with this, I just made a video to help people get some relief from many types of suffering that’s going on in these challenging times –  “6 Things you didn’t know about acupuncture that you probably need during Covid-19”  

In making this video, I really enjoyed interviewing Herb Kandel, the founder of the Acupuncture Center of Santa Maria, learning about his background, all about acupuncture and how it can help people (including treatment at HOME) with things like:

  • Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia 
  • Enhancing nervous system function and digestion
  • Improving nutrition
  • Treating addiction

I was really impressed and surprised to hear just how many benefits of acupuncture can be accomplished at home with Acupuncture Telehealth visits!  

For example, you can use these mini self-applied needles where he teaches you where to place them! I think that’s so cool, and had no idea about that! You can also get instruction in acupressure points you or a loved one can press on to relieve symptoms, education about diet, meditation, Tai-Chi type movements and more… all from the privacy of your home.  If you’re stuck, this is another way to get some help and move forward with more peace, ease, comfort and flow in your life.

Check it out: 

Plus, it’s just really interesting learning more about acupuncture and how Herb uses it and sees it working in the real world – a fascinating combination of eastern and western healing.   

To reach Herb at the Acupuncture Center of Santa Maria, either call 805-623-6703 

…or visit his website: Acupuncturecentersantamaria.com 

And as a reminder, our office at Active Physical Therapy is OPEN!!!

We’re seeing patients in-person and for Telehealth Video Visits. Either give us an inquiry call for more information at 805-934-0663 or send us a message HERE.

I hope this post finds you all well and doing great. And if there’s anything you think I MIGHT be able to help you with give me a call! 805-934-0663 

Be well,  


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